Red Cross Swimming Lessons

North Sargent Community Pool Learn-to-Swim program offers:

American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim courses with low student/teacher ratios for more attention and learning success.

  • Lifeguards on duty during instructional times         
  • Low minimum enrollment for Parent-Tot and Aqua-Tot (preschool)  classes.
  • AQUA-TOTS, a class for 3-5 year olds only.
  • Easy Registration - you can register for any or all sessions once the Pool opens for the season

 Call the pool at 678- 2435 during open hours for more information. 


 Level I through Level VI classes will be held Monday – Friday:  40 minute classes with 5 minute play time for a total of 10 class meetings. 

Note: In the event of rain or cool temps: water safety land instruction will be held at NS Activity Center  utilizing land drills, games, videos, and group water safety training.

You can register for the Learn-to-Swim sessions at any time prior to the first class meeting.   Please note: due to the progressive nature of lessons, registrations after the beginning of the current session of instruction will not be accepted after the second class meeting.   Late registrations will be declined if the desired level is full or you will have an opportunity to register for another session.


The American Red Cross has revised the Learn-to-Swim program.   The revision brings back a comprehensive skills test that must be passed for completion and advancement to the next level with the addition of exit level skill requirements.   Mastering swimming skills takes time, practice,and patience.   It is not unusual for students to repeat a level several times in order to master the skills required for their completion certificate and advancement to the next level, especially in the area of strength, endurance, and confidence with skill mechanics.  If your child misses the skill checking days, they will be unable to progress to the next level.

We will pretest all kids following the new skills testing criteria outlined by the American Red Cross.  We'll take care of making sure your young swimmer gets into the best class for their skills.  All students will be tested and placed into a class that most closely matches their actual skill level. Please refer to your child’s Red Cross Skill Level completion cards when you register to aid in placing your child correctly.

When signing up your child please read the course descriptions carefully (click below).  Suggestions for registering: (Levels 1-2-3 have only slight changes. Significant changes occur in  Levels 4-5-6. You will notice the dolphin kick is being introduced in  Level 3, the whole breaststroke and butterfly are being taught in  Level 4, and the survival float and survival swim have been returned as skills in Levels 3-6. Level 6 now has three different tracks. The basic stroke work is the same in each Level 6 course but each track has different emphasis. The three tracks are PERSONAL SAFETY, FITNESS SWIMMER, AND LIFEGUARD READINESS.

Many different skills are taught at each level, but only the EXIT SKILLS must be mastered/passed in order to move to the next level of swimming.

PRIVATE LESSONS– (all ages) – This is a one-on-one 35-45 minute class where teaching techniques and skills are adapted to accommodate individuals or others who have special needs for swimming instruction. Classes are available on a limited schedule and must be coordinated with administrative staff.  Parent/provider consultation with instructor will be required.

**TO BE ARRANGED  Register by contacting the pool at 678-2435.